Thursday, December 8, 2016


Cardinal, female.  The Cardinals are sunflower seed fans.  They like to feed later in the day than most other birds.  Currently have about 7 at one time, but after a big snow storm we can get over 30 at a time.

Cardinal, male.

Blue Jay.  Love sunflower seeds, but will eat suet also. Currently have about 8 or 9 daily at our feeders, but as the winter deepens we can get up to 25 at one time.  

Chickadee.  Year around visitor to our feeders.  They prefer sunflower seeds.  They come and go so fast it is hard to get a count on how many we have, but I think we have at least 8 individuals that are constantly coming to our feeders.

Red-breasted Nuthatch.   A winter visitor from up north.  We have these most years, and have two right now at our feeders.   Eat suet, but seem to prefer sunflower seeds.  

White-breasted Nuthatch.  At our feeders year around.  Love both suet and sunflowers.  

Purple Finch, male.  A visitor from up north.  This one is a March Purple Finch and is already showing off its deep red color for the upcoming breeding season.  We see Purple Finches at our feeders most years.  Have between 5 and 8 daily now.  TO SEE MORE OF THE WINTER BIRDS AT THE FEEDERS , GO UP AND TO THE RIGHT, AND CLICK ON DECEMBER 2016.