Wednesday, November 12, 2014


A gray cold day on the river-but any day on the river is a good day. Found this Bald Eagle sitting with the Tundra Swans in the Mississippi backwaters south of Brownsville, Mn.  The swans are resting and feeding on Arrow root on their way to the Chesapeake Bay out east. We saw about 75 eagles in a ten mile stretch of the big river.  The eagles feed on the weak and wounded ducks, swans, and coots. The healthy Swans and ducks pay little attention to the eagles.

After sitting for some time the eagle flew upstream.  The swans and ducks showed no fear and the eagle paid no attention to them.

Swans south of Brownsville, Mn.  There are between 2 and 3 thousand Tundra Swans on the Mississippi and the numbers should increase soon.  The weather forcast is for single digit lows and this may freeze the backwaters.  It would seem this would affect the swans ability to get to their food source(arrow roots).

Bald Eagle, New Albin, Iowa.

Flock of high flying Sandhill Cranes headed south.


Red-bellied Woodpecker.  Had about 1 inch of snow and our feeders have been more active ever since. It was a gray day today but got some OK photos of the birds feeding.  Cardinals have been up but did not get their photo today.

Purple Finch.  First of these showed up from up north on Oct. 26th. TO VIEW MORE OF OUR NATURE PHOTOS GO UP AND TO THE RIGHT AND CLICK ON NOVEMBER 2014 OR ANY OTHER MONTH DESIRED.

Downy(male) Woodpecker.

Blue Jay-the bullies of the feeder.

We have about 8 chickadees daily.

The Goldfinches are not nearly as yellow now as they were this summer.  Still have about 10 at our feeders daily.

White-breasted Nuthatch-they love sunflower seeds.

Fox Sparrow(by pole), White Throated Sparrow(in front) and 3 Juncos below feeder.