Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Greater Sandhill Cranes, Mississippi backwaters, New Albin, Iowa.  Thirty years ago we would drive hundreds of miles to find these magnificent creatures, but their numbers have increased and we even have them now nesting in Fillmore County, Mn.

Many Pelicans, a few Tundra Swans, Canada Geese, Mallards, and Widgens in a Mississippi backwater south of LaCrosse, Wis.  The northern migration has begun and will only get better over the next month.

Photographed this Red Tailed Hawk soaring over our prairie.  Most of our local red tails are still here and more are arriving from the north country.  Most will eventually push farther south, and only the most hardy will spend the winter with us.

The first Purple Finches arrived from up north at our feeders yesterday.  Most were females.  The far left finch is a male. 

As of yesterday we still had a few Showy Goldenrod blooming.  Saw 2 bumblebees, 2 yellow sulfer butterflies, and 1 Red Admiral butterfly on our prairie yesterday.  Looks like a freeze coming this week and most of the insect life will then be gone.

Our garden shed decorated for fall.  To view more of our nature photos go up and to the right and click on October 2014 or any other month desired.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


A fine October day high on the hills above the confluence of the Whitewater River and the Mississippi River. (A few miles south of Kellogg, Mn.)

Bobbie photographed many Painted turtles on a man-made raft in the Trempeleau National Wildlife Refugee (a part of the Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge).                                                                 

Painted turtles lined up to catch the sunlight on a warm October day.

Tiger Salamanders, and garter snakes are still moving across our driveway on warm days.

We still have ONE Monarch butterfly still feeding on our Stiff Goldenrod and New England Asters.  It had better get going , as Mexico is a long way off. (this is actually a September photo).

Bald faced Hornet on Stiff Goldenrod.  We finially had a heavy frost, (but not officially a freeze) on Oct. 10th. Some of the Stiff Goldenrods and most of the asters are still blooming.  Some hornets, bumble bees, and honey bees are still feeding on our prairie.

If you look close you can see a Bald faced Hornet exiting from its nest.  Most of the hornets have already left the nest which is on the corner of our garage.  We have never been stung by this species, but they do like sweets and can be a pest during picnics. TO VIEW MORE OF OUR NATURE PHOTOS, GO UP AND TO THE RIGHT AND CLICK ON OCTOBER 2014 OR ANY OTHER MONTH DESIRED.