Friday, February 15, 2013



Mature (4 years old+)  Bald Eagle riding a warm air thermal, Fillmore County, Mn. Took a 30 mile drive through the hill and valley country of our area.  We saw 13 Bald Eagles, and looked at 6 eagle nests.  Only one nest had Bald Eagles sitting on the nest, all the others were not in use yet, but did have adults within a mile or so.  The nest with a sitting eagle probably already has eggs.  The others will nest fairly soon. We will check the nests on a weekly basis and post what we find.

Immature Bald Eagle.  The immature Bald is often mistaken for the Golden Eagle in our area.  We rarely have Goldens, although they are spotted here once in a while during the winter. Photographed this one with a parent along the Root River in Fillmore County Mn.

We had a few Red-tailed Hawks spend the winter in our area, but just in the last week we have seen a large increase in the numbers as they push up for the "spring". Our snow is gone and the hawks are moving north already. February has been above average for temps but today is cold ( 5 degrees F) with a bitter wind. 

Got lucky and got this shot of one as it passed by our car.

Typical Red-tailed Hawk from the back.  Note the reddish tail-hence the name. Only the top of the tail is red.

Saw three Red-tailed Hawks within 100 yards of each other.  Photographed this one just as it lifted off of the top of a light pole.

Red-tails vary greatly in breast color.  This one is about as light breasted as we have seen.
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Saw over 200 Red-winged Blackbirds close to the Mississippi at New Albin, Iowa, on Feb. 12.
 Quite early to see this large a flock up already.  Too early for spring fever.