Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Been out of photographic action for a month due to a hamstring tear.  We got back to nature photography this week-just in time for a great show of prairie flowers, butterflies, and a huge variety of other insect. I would like to take credit for most of the photo's posted today, but my wife, Bobbie took the vast majority of these.  (She has a better eye than I do).

We found several hundred Monarchs feeding on the Rough Blazing Stars at Lake Louise St. Park on August 26, 2015.  The migration of the 4th generation all the way to Mexico has begun.

Prairie at Lake Louise St. Park;  Leroy, Mn

Note the broad black bands in a inverted V next to the body.  This marks it as a female Monarch.

Monarch Caterpillar feeding on Common Milkweed.  This one will have to hustle up if it is going to make it to an adult Monarch for the long fall trip to the Mexican wintering grounds.

Bumble Bee on Stiff Gentian

Black Leaf Beetle???  To view more of our nature photos go up and to the right, and click on August 2015 or any other month desired.

Ambush Bug.  Look closely and you can see this one has already been in at least one battle

Cream Gentian

Narrow Leafed Sunflower

Stiff Goldenrod with many Solider Beetles and a Bumble Bee.

Canada Goldenrod

Whorled Milkweed

Mountain Mint

Bush Clover